View Full Version : XBMC plugin for E2 (Stream from E2 to XMBC)

14-06-13, 03:43 PM
XBMC plugin for E2

the necessary software:

XBMC ([Only Registered Users Can See Links] ([Only Registered Users Can See Links]))

XBMC plugin for:


unpack. zip, edit default.py

line 28:
DREAMBOXURL = "[Only Registered Users Can See Links]"
edit here and put the ip address of your E2 Receiver

Save all and copy:
C: \ Documents and Settings \ USER \ Application Data \ XBMC \ scripts


big THX@locutus73 and wmchris

19-07-13, 09:30 PM

this Script adds Channellist from E2 Stb to XMBC Devices.
plz test it and let me know how good it works ;)

regards ice

01-08-13, 11:17 AM
I have Windows 8 with XBMC v12.2 and couldn`t find a "script" folder on the path you wrote,...

Also in XBMC with the default skinn I don`t have a menu "scripts".

Would like to test your work - but first you have to guide me.

GreeT`s Erich