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Thread: Plugin for IPTV

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    Plugin for IPTV

    Can someone answer. Is there a plugin to Open IPTV viewing for Open PLI xTrend ET9000?

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    yes , you can try this one ,

    ----------------------------ENGLISH Version-----------------------------

    What can you play with this plugin?
    - The rtp/udp/http IPTV must be DVB-IP conform
    - Only Non-DRM/ Non-CA (unscrambled) SD/HD Streams work with this approach
    - SD/HD Streams in h.264 or MPEG2 work with this approach
    - Stream starts to play < 1 Sec., zapping less then 1 Sec.

    For a long time I try to find a proper solution on the e2, to get SD and HD IPTV streams running. With GStreamer IPTV streams work too, but unfortunatly not reliable and stable.
    I´ve tested really a lot. With the presented solution you can enjoy DVB-IP conform IPTV streams in a clean, stable and fast way on your e2 dreambox. Nothing crashes or stucks the streams while playing them.

    Multicast or Unicast streams and the used trick:
    Before I try to explain how it works, you should inform yourself about multicast and unicast. I´m sure google will help you.
    The used trick is a small linux binary called "udpxy". This is a small proxy converting the udp/rtp multicast packets into http unicast one, wihtout creating heavy load on your machine.
    The dream can also handle real multicast streams, but completly instable, my opinion. Http unicast works absolut perfect, therefore this small workaround makes fully sense.
    Another important advantage is that udpxy handles the IGMP v2 koin/leave protocol reliable. Further, if you would use multicast in your home network, this would flood your LAN clients with useless traffic.
    To avoid this I start udpxy on my router (WAN Gateway). Having converted the IPTV multicast streams to unicast, the "Remote TV" lib of Dr.Best will process the DVB-IP conform streams as you know it from usal DVB-S-T-C receiption.

    Prerequisites to run this plugin:
    - Uptodate OE 1.6 Image
    - Uptodate "Partnerbox/RemoteTV Plugin" MUST BE installed, because a lib of this plugin is used. (

    Handling of already existing http unicast streams:
    If you have already [Only Registered Users Can See Links. Click Here To Register...] unicast streams (e.g. origin dreambox streams), you don´t need to start udpxy! Just proceed with point A5, and create your *.m3u as described below, and copy it into etc/videostreams folder.

    Handling of udp/rtp multicast streams: e.g. udp:// oder rtp://
    With Udpxy [[Only Registered Users Can See Links. Click Here To Register...]].
    Start udpxy on your dreambox or your router, to be able for converting multicast into unicast. Find below how to start.

    Udpxy is started in this way via telnet:

    ./udpxy -p 4050

    -p 4050 -> this means on Port 4050 you will catch the converted unicast packets from udpxy.

    Simple instruction how to proceed:
    A1. Download udpxy.mipsel here attached and upload it to usr/bin
    A2. Rename it to udpxy"
    A3. Give the right rights chmod 755
    A4. Start via telnet udpxy in this way "udpxy -p 4050 &"
    A5. Create your *.m3u with links as shown below, and upload the m3u to etc/videostreams (these links are expamples, no streams available on this URLs)


    [Only Registered Users Can See Links. Click Here To Register...]
    [Only Registered Users Can See Links. Click Here To Register...]
    [Only Registered Users Can See Links. Click Here To Register...]
    [Only Registered Users Can See Links. Click Here To Register...]


    IPTV Player Plugin installation and handling:

    Download the attached zip file and decompress it. The Streamer folder upload to /usr/lib/*******/python/Plugins/Extensions. Give the files inside the right rights 755.
    Restart your dreambox (don´t forget to start udpxy if did a reboot...). You should find the "IPTV Player" in extensions, open it. Each *.m3u file in etc/videostreams you should see as a kind of bouquet.
    Select one and press ok, then you will find the links of your m3u. Select a TV service and the stream should be displayed on your TV screen.
    The navigation is simple, with exit you leave the folder or the and the end the plugin. With OK you open the folder, With Up/Down you can zap within a folder from stream to stream and back.

    The IPTV Player plugin is based upon the DMvidsDirect Plugin of PCD. He has modded the come to the IPTV Player plugin.

    BIG thanks to Dr.Best for his great Remote TV plugin, and to PCD who made the final version of IPTV Player.

    P.S. There will be some updates in near future, Audio Selection, Teletext Selection...

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    Is this working?
    For the ET9000??

    Are there dutch cannels in the iptv section?

    Thanks all

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